Rosewood is on an indefinite hiatus. Leave us a message off anon, if you'd like (though we may not get to it for a while). Love, Mod Oli, Mod Shnon, and Mod Laura. <3

All right, guys.

So, it isn’t like you didn’t see this coming — it’s the end of the road at Rosewood. There’s not too many of you left, and we’re really sorry if you were involved and you loved it here, but we’re shutting down, guys. We might reopen later, but all of the mods don’t have the time to get it rebooted and good again, so we’re closing it on up for now. If you have an OC character, we’ll go ahead and delete them from Rosewood and Mod Oli is gonna change the coding so nothing can be accessed but the askbox (but keep in mind, we won’t be logging in regularly at all).

Here’s some good news, though: If any of you want to keep your characters really bad (or want to RP with us still), the three mods are planning on keeping their characters and doing a 1x1/3x3/whoever else. You’re welcome to join us and we’d love to have you guys (it’d probably just be like a run on of Rosewood, without the main blog and any new characters).

A few messages from your other mods:

Mod Shnon says, “let the glimmery rays of sunshine rain down upon you and your typing fingers cause all yo characters was gr9.”

Mod Laura says, “tell them that i love them but i’ve left the shire.”

Personal Tumblrs of Your Mods:


Thank you for all of you that have stuck it through with us. We’re eternally grateful and we love you all to death. <3

-Mod Oli




~ Mod Laura

Over and out.

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Anonymous said: Why is your rp dying? It's so well done!

Because everyone hates us.

No. We stopped trying, mostly because it seems like beating a dead horse. Maybe we’re not advertising right or something. I’m not sure why it’s really dying. But thank you for the compliment! It means a lot. :3

-Mod Oli

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Anonymous said: Is your rp dying? Only cause that other mod left and there have been a lot of unfollows for the last couple pages>>? what gives?

Mod Sab leaving didn’t have anything to do with the RP dying, but yes, it is dying. It’s basically dead. I don’t know what gives, anon.

-Mod Oli

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Attn. All Members:

Most of you probably don’t know me, or haven’t ever rp’d with me as I’ve been focusing more on bio writing of lately. But for those of you who do, I’m writing to inform you that I will be resigning from admin/mod duties permanently at rosewood. 

This has been a long time coming, and not something I’ve openly discussed with the other mods. It has reached the point that there are irreconcilable differences, and instead of disrupting Rosewood’s other Mods, I decided to instead bow out. 

That being said, I’m leaving all biographies I’ve written, as it’s easier this way. 


-Mod Sab

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Anonymous said: how many taken charas do u have?

We have 14 taken characters. 

Thanks for asking, anon.

-Mod Oli

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